tirsdag 24. februar 2015

The selfie stick

It's official, I'm still a teenager at heart. On saturday I went to a mall with the only purpose (except for buying food that is - but I could have done that much closer to home) to buy a selfie stick. The only thing I can say to defend my purchase is that now (if I dont get too embarassed) I can take pictures of me and my boyfriend together when we are on trips together, without just getting the faces or having to ask someone (which I'm probably going to do either way because sometimes that is necessary), and I can take a picture with my friends without one of them missing because they are behind the camera. 

But lets be honest, it's called a selfie stick, there is no point in pretending that I'm not going to use it mainly for that purpose. Now all I need is a new phone, so that I can get some better photos (if you dont know what I mean, you will after seeing the ones I've taken so far) :) 

When you wear red lipstick, the duckface just appears when you're taking photos...weird ;)

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