onsdag 4. mars 2015

First draft

Last Friday I submitted my first draft of the thesis to my supervisor. It was the two first chapters of my thesis and I thought it was very scary.. I was really dreading this first dealine, previously I've only submitted dispositions, so this was far more extensive. It turned out okay, not great, but at least I did it and the first hurdle is now behind me. I got some feedback today, so I'm really looking foreward to do some changes tomorrow and get started for real on the next to chapters - which I've set aside until now. 

I can't believe that it's less than two months until the final deadline! The only thing to say is OMG! Haha I'm really stressed out, but I guess everything is going to work out in the end. I just have to focus these last months! 
My plan is to take two exams again to improve their grades in late May, but after that, I'm hopefully done studying :) Time flies, it doesn't seem that long ago that I started studying law, and here I am, just inches away from the finish line!

By the way, this is a picture I took at my school last week (or the week before) - just a normal day in rainy Bergen?

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