tirsdag 10. mars 2015


I've been looking forward to this day about a year now, and it's finally just three days away!! 
This Friday, I'm going to Manchester with my boyfriend to see the match between Manchester United and Tottenham. I can't wait! I've been a United-fan pretty much all of my life, but I have never been to a match before. When I turned 25 my parents gave me the present of a lifetime; a trip to Manchester to see a match, and now the time has come!! 

 I'm seriously going to cry when I enter the stadium and get to see it all for myself! This is just so big, and I've been wishing for it for so long. 

I mean look at this!!
Anyway, we are in Manchester from Friday until Monday. The match was supposed to be on Saturday, but had to be moved till Sunday. I liked this change because if they were to loose, it is now right before we're going home, so it doesn't have to ruin the trip haha. I'm pretty sure we will have an awesome time either way, but I'm not in the best of moods after a loss.

So we arrive on Friday, in the evening, so the plan is basicly just to get to the hotel and hang out before we have to go to bed. Saturday starts off with a tour at Old Trafford. Even though my boyfriend is not a Manchester United-fan (Liverpool) I made it clear that if he wanted to come with me on this trip he had to join in on the different United-activities and at least pretend to love it (but come on, he's a guy that likes football, even though it's not his team I'm sure he's going to find it fun and interesting!). 

After a couple of hours at the theatre of dreams I guess we have to get some lunch and then do some shopping. I've found out that there is a mall nearby our hotel, how perfect! ;)
So I guess we're going to spend some hours in here! Unfortunately I havent saved up as much as I would like to, and the currency is really high now, so I don't think there is going to be as much shopping as a girl might hope for ;)
In the evening we will have to find a place to eat, I'm not sure where, but I'm positive we'll find something good and then just enjoy the rest of the night with dinner and drinks :)

Sunday is MATCH-DAY! Nothing much to say other than I CAN'T WAIT.

Then Monday I will hopefully be in a perfect mood because they won (fingers crossed), then we have to check out of the hotel. If we didn't walk around in Manchester on Saturday (because the hours flew by in the centre) I guess that is what we're going to do the last day before it's time to go to the airport :)

As you can see, it's going to be an awesome weekend! And it's just days away! Now I better work really hard with my thesis so that I can take a couple vacation days without a bad conscience. 

Have a good tuesday! :)

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