mandag 6. april 2015

Manchester part one

It's been a while! I've been too busy with my thesis and life in general to even think about my blog :)
In my last post I wrote that I was going to Manchester, and I was over the moon excited. Well, it did not disappoint!! 

On Saturday we got a tour of Old Trafford and it was pure magic. I'm sure I had stars (and hearts) in my eyes as we walked around in the theatre of dreams. 

Fergie's won some titles you might say... :D
Quotes from fans that are just as superstitious as me.

In the dressing room - Rooney is the favorite!

Pretty damn happy after the tour, it was time for some food and beer in the red cafe.
I thought my boyfriend blended in well at the red cafe, maybe he should just switch from Lpool to United? ;)

The big day finally came, it was Sunday and matchday!
Happy, happy, happy with my new Rooney-shirt, on my way to Bishops Blaize before the match - the perfect place to be! Drinking beer and singing United-songs in a place packed with red-supporters, amazing!

"I can't believe this!"

Not the best picture, but the score was 3-0, 3-0!!
 WE WON!! 
What a day! I will never forget this, and one thing is for sure - this was not my last time at OT! Words can not describe the feeling, I had tears in my eyes several times during the match.
What a feeling what a night, oh what a night!

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