tirsdag 7. april 2015

Manchester part two

We didn't spend all of our time in Manchester at Old Trafford, in addition we also had time for some shopping, to wander around and to eat some delicious food. 
We arrived pretty late on friday, so we found a place just around the corner from our hotel. According to my boyfriend this was the best food he ate on the entire trip :) I ordered butter chicken, but I was a bit dissapointed, after hearing Bjarte talk about it on Radioresepsjonen (a radio show in Norway) I guess I had a little too high expectations.

 After the tour on saturday we went to Manchester Arndale. I didn't actually do a lot of shopping, we were both too tired (hello?! I should have realized that I was getting sick when I was to tired to shop...the following week was spent in bed..), Anyway I finally bought a pair of Nike Air Max 90! After almost a year of contemplating if I should or shouldn't I did it, and it turned out to be an awesome purchase - I've used them almost every day since!
 So after shopping we drank a couple of beers and just hung out in our hotel :)
 After recharging, we realized it was time to get some food, so we wandered around until we found a place that seemed good (and had room for us - we didn't make any reservations).
 I got the classic pizza with mozzerella, tomato and basil, my favorite without a doubt!
 Couple-selfie :)
 The next day we decided not to eat breakfast at the hotel. Best decision ever!
 We ordered the biggest breakfast ever (well, we did not, they had bigger sizes *three eggs, three sausages etc*, but it was pretty big!). It was the perfect morning before leaving for the match.
 Later that night we went to a place my boyfriend had discovered on tripadvisor. He had way to high expectations after the first restaurant we went to, and therefor got a bit dissapointed. The food was really good, it was just the memory of what had been that made it a little less awesome than what it really was. 
 The last day I had to buy myself a one-pound-umbrella, haha! No way I my hair was going to get curly and unruly ;) 
 We spent a lot of time at Primark (I always have to see what they have, it's so cheap!) and then we had lunch at TGIF :)

 We ended the day at the National Football Museum. It was a lot of fun and many cool things to see. But it ended badly, as I lost to my boyfriend in both Football manager and foosball! Haha, I'm kidding, I was still soaring after Sunday's big win so I really could'nt care less ;)
Loser vs Winner. 

All in all, we had the best time! What more could a girl ask for? United won the game, I got to do some shopping and I basicly just enjoyed myself :) It was a bummer to wake up with a fever on tuesday, but it was totally worth it after the awesome weekend I had. Time to start saving so that I can do this again! :)

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