mandag 20. april 2015


The last couple of days have been amazing!

I love to go for a hike to get a break from writing, and with this amazing weather you just have to smile!
Happy face on my way to school in the sun :)
 Today I left school early just to get out in the sun, I figured I had to enjoy it while the sunshine was still here - after all, the weather forecast for the rest of the week does not look a lot like this! It's better to go to school, do your best, take a break and enjoy the sun, and then get back to the thesis later when you're filled up with energy. :)
 This was at 17-18 o'clock, earlier it was 21 (!!) degrees! 

We've really got a taste of summer these last couple of days, and I love it! I'm not looking forward to the rain and chilly weather ahead, but at least I got to enjoy the good weather we had - and now I have to finish my thesis anyway, so a little rain is okay when you have to sit inside in front of a computer:)

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