mandag 11. mai 2015

Apparently fashion means ugly

Haha! My friend had her last exam on Friday, and the theme was fashion. She had to choose among a couple different inspirations, and went for Chanel fw 2015. She had to be innovative, but also you had to see where the inspiration came from. I loved the makeup, but the clothes... haha We had such a difficult time trying to find something that was kind of similar to the Chanel show, and at the same time something different. Chanel had tons of patterns on patterns and I really don't think I could have gone with any of the outfits that came down the runway (sorry Chanel). So we took a dive in my closet and came up with this. I love the clothes separately, but together it was just....not me. At least you can see the inspiration with different patterns and a coat... ;) 

I loved that she used blue underneath my eyes, instead of just going for black all the way :)

It sucks that my skin looks so shiny in the pictures, because it really didn't in real life. Mariel is really talented, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that she gets good results. :)

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