mandag 18. mai 2015

May 17th

Yesterday was the norwegian constitution day, ie the national day in Norway. We started off with a champagne breakfast with lots of good food and awesome company. The plan was to take the bus to downtown Bergen afterwards, but it was raining really badly so we skipped it. Instead we just stayed at Annies, and then later my dad came to pick us up (me and my boyfriend) for lunch with my family :)

All about food! Haha It was a really good day, but ended a bit earlier than planned. After the get-together at my parents' house we went home, and were supposed to change and then leave for a party...but we were so tired after getting up at 6, and being social all day that we fell asleep on the couch. Haha talk about party pooper! But it was a good day, and I guess we just needed to relax a little :)

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