mandag 8. desember 2014

Long time no see

At the moment I'm lying on the couch, unable to move, because I'm so goddamn tired. I got up at 5 in the morning today, because I was so nervous about the exam. Well, I had every right to be, the tasks were okay, but I totally blanked out in part two...which means I'm probably going to have to take it again to improve whatever character I get...we'll see in January!
Anyway, Here's a couple of snapshots (okay mostly just selfies) from the last couple of days :)

No, I didn't dye my hair, I just used hair chalk :) - studying vs everything else!

And then I made iced coffee with real icecream, yum!

It's starting to get really cold, so I had to use my Marius-sweater for a study date, I love it! 

On my way to school way too early on a saturday...the one saturday I had off work! 

Complete chaos..

Well, only two days left now! Here's to hoping that the next one goes much better! (fingers crossed)

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