onsdag 3. desember 2014

Tuesday bliss

When it comes to sleeping, I don't understand myself. Yesterday I got up early, had a long studyday and was really tired when it was time for bed - but did I manage to fall asleep? No. So there I was at what eventually turned out to be 02.45 still not sleeping - surprise surprise, I overslept today. (well, to be honest I did wake up some time in the early hours, but I heard the rain and I was to tired to function, and then magically *or i turned it off* there were no more noice from my alarm, and all I had to do was to pull the duvet a little closer). Anyways - homeschool for me today!

These are the things I love about homeschool! You can wear whatever you want (hello soft slippers, sweatpants and merino wool sweater!), you have unlimited access to GOOD fresh coffee and you can make whatever you want to eat whenever you want :) :) - but I realise that today has been a poor studyday and tomorrow I have to get to school, better start prepping that lunchbox!

Sleep tight!

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