tirsdag 13. januar 2015


Last week I attended some lectures in Oslo regarding the master thesis and I also had my very first meeting with my advisor. It's a bit complicated to live in Bergen and study at UiO, but I'm sure it'll be alright, my advisor was super nice so I am really excited! On friday I went to the library and got four books that hopefully will help me decide exactly what to write about, so that's what I'm doing this week - reading the books and trying different angles!

Home office in the kitchen - I like this much better than the sad "office/guestroom/storage-room" we have in the apartment. .It's more open and light in here, but I think I'm going to find another place to write, so that I can have "workdays" and not just sit at home every day and night. 

Good luck to me, this is going to be 3,5 really tough months!

By the way, I got my shirt on sale for 50 kr at VeroModa, what a catch! 

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