onsdag 19. november 2014

Christmas Wishlist

Through the year I always think about things I want or need, but when it's time to write a wishlist for my birthday or christmas I have no idea what to wish for. That's why I've created a memo on my iphone called "wishlist", where I just write things down as I realize what I need. Here's some of the things on the list now:

* Pink Ribbon-apron

* Black or dark green scarf

Acne Canada Black

BikBok Fame Green

* Acne Raya Short Dove White

* Sheepskin

* By Lassen Kubus 4



* Wallet - I really need a new one, but I keep dreaming about Mulberry (which I can't afford), so I keep postponing it..

Daria Continental Wallet Taupe

Daria French Purse Oak

French Purse Oak

* Hay Lup Triangle Copper

* Kähler Omaggio (any size really..)

Light blue (hm..looks gray..) 20 cm

Black 30 cm

* Cleaning bucket


* Lexington towels

Original White

Original Dark Gray

* A pretty, large beaty bag 

Lulu's beaty bag mink

* Digital kitchen scale

* Bracelet from Sophie by Sophie

Sophie by Sophie Clover bracelet

* UGG slippers

Soooo pretty and soft!

* UGG mittens 

I could have continued, but I figured that was enough! ..I haven't told my family everything that's on my list - for example I have no expectations of getting a wallet from Mulberry (maybe they'd been bigger if I had told my parents, but I think it's to much especially after the big birthday present I got), but a girl got to have dreams ;)  Maybe you got inspired and now know what you're going to put on your wishlist? 

Now I have to get back to studying, have an awesome wednesday!

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