søndag 30. november 2014

The unofficial Christmas beer test 2014

Yesterday we had a little unofficial Christmas beer test in the apartment. Unofficial because it was just us two, and because it was all very spontaneous so I only had the chance to buy the ones they had at the store (we'll have to try Vinmonopolets goods and other stores some other time!). We made a little form, and decided to rate the beers with bubbles (haha Radioresepsjonen copycat). 
Here are the ones we tested;

Let's do this!

Yep, we made a big mess :p 

 I swear I'm not as drunk as I look, this was in the beginning..

And the winner is....

Hansa Juleøl! :)

I'm not a huge fan of dark beer, so the test may reflect a bit of that... (for instance my boyfriend gave 7 fjell St Niklaus 69 bubbles, I only gave it 35 bubbles...it's good, but I'm not a fan). All of the beers got a score higher than 50 (our scores divided on two), except Ægir julebrygg (26,5 bubbles) and Grans julebrygg (8,5 bubbles)....just stay away from Grans julebrygg...I mean...we didn't even want to finish what we had in our glass...

There's a good chance we have to re-test with more beers and more people later, it was pretty fun ;)

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