søndag 23. november 2014

Date night

Yesterday was date night for me and my boyfriend :) Even though we live together we don't get much time to enjoy each others company, and every-day-practical-life often takes over - leaving romance out in the cold. That's why we sometimes have to make an effort; dress up and bring romance back.

I love this dress from BikBok - so comfy, simple and pretty at the same time. 
( - of course my new slippers had to be a part of date night, haha cozy slippers, cozy night)

Candles to set the mood (and to heat up this cooold apartment). 

Since I'm the one who (almost) always cooks, my boyfriend was saturdays chef. The food was SO good :)

My boyfriend serving the potatoes :) - oh, haha don't pay attention to the toy shovel! (we don't have a proper tool, so we just use this whenever we eat lasagne etc..)

It was a perfect night, cheers to romance and I hope your saturday was just as good!

2 kommentarer:

  1. Deilig med en skikkelig kosekveld med kjæresten. God mat og vin slår aldri feil ;)