onsdag 26. november 2014

It's all about exams - and shoes!

This is what my life looks like at the moment...(+ coffee!!)

I wonder if I can learn anything by just staring out the window...

It's less than two weeks left of this semester! My exams are 8th and 10th of December, and - depending on how they turn out - they might just be my last exams ever! After that all that's left is my master thesis that's due in April! - well, if I decide not to improve any of my previous exams.. I can't believe I'm this close to the end. I've studied law for 4 and a half years now, so it's going to be really scary/exciting/weird/awesome/wonderful/terrifying to apply for jobs and start working somewhere!

Anyways, my days are pretty boring...so today I figured I should put on some high heels for practice, snap a couple of photos and have fun with editing - filters can do so much for a picture.  

In need of some serious self tanning I see! (winter legs - ugh!)

By the way, it was after reading Marthes blog I figured I should start practicing wearing heels. I LOVE wearing high heels, but I think it's really hard if they're not chunky or wedges, so after reading her tips I thought why not. It looks really bad when women can't walk properly in their shoes, and I always avoid some of my shoes because of that - time to learn! 

In Bergen there's also the situation with cobblestone..downtown is filled with it, so thin heels live a dangerous life! ...but they're soooo pretty, so if I eventually feel like I can wear them without looking like a fool I'm gonna do it anyway ;) 

Okay well....I guess it's back to the books then! 

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