onsdag 19. november 2014

The green beanie - wesc

Finally, I got my hands on a green beanie! I've been looking for a while, but the stores I've trawled only had black, red, pink, yellow, gray - you get my point. Then I saw this beanie online at Sportamore, and even though I'm not a huge fan of the wesc label in front I just had to have it. 

Beanie season is here!

..and, if I don't want the label in front, I can just wear it backwards, problem solved!

Today I went with a couple of friends to a newly opened mall here in Bergen, and they actually have HM Home. I didn't buy much, but this little cute, furry pillow had to come home with me :) So soft!

Watch: Larsson&Jennings, Beanie: WESC, Shirt: Veromoda, Sweater: BikBok.

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