mandag 17. november 2014

New beginnings

My last workout was five weeks ago. There, I said it. 
I dont have any excuses. Sure, I've had the classic cold, worked a little more than usual in addition to studying, but that doesn't mean that I should drop my entire workout routine?! ..and if that wasn't enough I started to eat a lot of junk as well. (hello candy, pizza, fries in the middle of the week - all week). It was plain stupid. 

Now I have to start from scratch, again. But this time I'm serious. I'm starting this week with a soup and veggies/fruit-diet/detox! Yesterday I made a vegetable soup and the plan is to just eat this - in addition to veggies and fruit - for five days. I want to start over with a cleanse, and this is my way to do it. (and its going to be tough...its only five days, but that's a long time when you're used to junk and a lot of carbs!)

Today is also the day I start over on my workout program, no point at picking up where I left off five weeks ago..this week is a fresh start. Well, there I said it. Its more serious when you tell someone, so I'm telling you, whoever you are that's reading this - I'm starting fresh. 

Oh, and just so you know, I haven't got any plans of becoming thin or not eat regularly. That's not how I'm built, and I'm waaaay to much in love with food. My goal is to become fit, strong and proud. 
- and also, better in English. Since I lived in New York four months in 2010 I haven't talked or written particularly much, and I've noticed that when I first do write or talk it takes me a while to formulate sentences etc. So i thought why not use this blog to improve? 

Well, that was a lot of new beginnings, I guess its not a coincidence that I'm in the middle of studying for my exams..(procrastinating..what else can I do today..hah)! Anyways, I really hope that by writing this it means that I'm ready for changes, and doesn't just quit after a couple of weeks.. Lets do this! 

Vegetable soup in the making!

I just ate it for breakfast and it was so delicious and tasty! :D

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