fredag 21. november 2014

You better work, b**ch

It's friday, which means that my little soup-experiment is over. I didn't want to do it for 7 days, because my goal was not to lose a lot of weight now, it was to get a cleanse and a good start of my "new life" ;) I have eaten some things in addition to the soup, as you can see under, and I feel SO much better! Hopefully I'm not as addicted to sugar and other unhealthy foods as I was before I started, cause I can't wait to continue - with a normal diet and training - and see some results! :)

Getting ready for my thursday-workout :)

Ugh...that top was not as tight before...:( well, only one thing to do, workout!

Sooo tired afterwards! 

For breakfast today I tried to eat some soup, but I was so sick and tired of it that it just grew in my mouth..haha I mean, the soup is awesome, yummy and full of flavour, but after eating it for lunch, dinner and supper 3-4 days in a row I've had enough for now! 

An awesome plus after a few days on a detox? Regular, healthy food feels like such a luxury :D I LOVE bread, but I tend to overeat because I love I have to eat crispbread instead of bread on weekdays....and today I loved that to! Haha Here's to hoping that continues and that I can adopt some healthy habits! 

With avocado, tomato and ham :) - oh, and a homemade iced coffee!

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